Landlod Tax Solutions

Are you a higher rate tax payer?

Do you own a UK rental property portfolio in your own name?


If you have answered YES to the above you may well be paying more tax than is necessary.

We highly recommend you look at this tax consultation company (118.tax-Property118) who specialise in advising on and implementing the optimal tax structures for landlords to operate within. Their website page (linked below) contains several case studies, client testimonials and articles to explain the various forms of tax relief and business structures available. Their consultation services come with a guarantee of total satisfaction or a full refund. Legal advice is backed with £2,500,000 of professional indemnity insurance provided by Bar Mutual.

A tax consultation will identify the optimal ownership structure and the various forms of tax relief available to you to facilitate switching without incurring additional tax.

You will receive a detailed report and recommendations which is then referred (without further cost to you) to the Head of the leading tax barristers’ chambers for Counsel's Opinion and further legal advice as necessary.

The end of the consultation process includes a recorded video conference to answer any questions that you or your professional advisers might have.  The fee for this service is just £400 inclusive of VAT.



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